2 Tips For Buying A New Turntable Wrapper For Your Factory

30 October 2020
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If your factory produces products that need to be wrapped before they are shipped, your current wrapping machine has most likely seen a lot of use. Because of this, it may be getting worn out and more difficult to operate, leading you to start looking for a replacement. When you do go to buy a new turntable wrapper for your factory, use the following tips to guide you while making your decision.

1.  Look at the Top Weight of Your Products or Pallets to Determine the Wrapper's Capacity

One thing that you should do before you pick out a new turntable wrapper is to look at the top weight of your products or pallets. Since all wrapper models have different weight capacities, you will need to consider this number when selecting one for your factory. The weight capacity will determine how much the machine can handle and can also help determine the platform's size.

Before you select a wrapper model, have your employees record the weights of each load for a couple of days. While they are performing the recordkeeping, have them jot down which ones are individual products and which ones are the weights for pallets. Look at the highest numbers to help in selecting the capacity that you will need.

2.  Consider the Method Your Workers Will Use to Load Items onto the Equipment's Platform

Another thing you should consider when choosing a turntable wrapper is the methods with which the items will be loaded onto the equipment's platform. Considering this will help you determine whether the platform should be high, low, or include a ramp.

If your employees will be using a hand truck to load products and pallets onto the wrapper, the wrapper should have a low platform with a ramp to keep your workers from tripping. However, if a forklift will be used, a higher platform would help keep the load's center of gravity stable so as not to tip over while loading.

Using the tips above before picking out and purchasing a new wrapper for your factory can help you select a model and size that will be able to handle the tasks you require of it. When you are ready to buy the turntable wrapping equipment, speak with a representative of an industrial and manufacturing supply company to find out what options are available as well as personalized guidance on choosing one that will serve your factory's needs.